Dr Oz Green Drink

Oprah tries the Doctor Oz green drink on her show

Not getting enough of your fruits and veggies? Start your morning off right with this delicious green smoothie recipe from Doctor Oz himself.

Green drinks are a fantastic way to get your daily dose of greens. As a bonus, many people who actually dislike the taste of greens on their own, find that green smoothies and juices are actually delicious.

If you are planning on making the Dr Oz Green Drink part of your morning ritual, you'll eventually want to get the full nutritional benefit by upgrading to a blender designed for green smoothies.

Official Dr Oz Green Drink Ingredients

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Dr Oz Green Drink Directions

Officially, Dr. Oz's Green Drink is supposed to be blended. Blending will retain all the natural fiber in the fruits and vegetables.

It's a completely valid option to juice this green drink as well. You'll lose the benefits of the fiber, but you'll be able to get the punch of this superfood smoothie without all that chewing.

One big downside to juices is that they oxidize much more quickly than a smoothie, so if you are going to be using a juicer, be prepared to drink the entire green juice after you prepare it.

Variations to the Dr Oz Green Drink Recipe

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